CEDAJ Nigeria, a division of CEDAJ Nigeria, has established itself as a leader in both the Water Supply (galvanized pressed steel sectional tanks / Fiberglass water tank) and Construction sectors. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for consistency, reliability, and efficiency across the country, making the name CEDAJ a familiar and trusted household brand.

Our pressed steel and galvanized sectional tanks are meticulously assembled by bolting together side plates, partition plates (where applicable), and base plates. Angle stays, securely fixed to cleats or gussets, ensure the rigidity of the tank structure. Tank seams are sealed using either (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate plus Natural Rubber) sealant tape or a non-toxic, flavorless jointing compound, guaranteeing durability and safety.

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Experience excellence with CEDAJ Nigeria’s Design and Installation of Horsely Bridge Pressed Steel Sectional Tanks. Trust our expertise for reliable, efficient, and durable water storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Experience top-tier design and seamless installation services for Pressed Steel Sectional Water Storage Tanks. Trust us for expert solutions tailored to your specific needs and impeccable craftsmanship.

Experience superior water storage solutions with our expert supply and installation of durable, high-quality glass fiber water storage tanks. Trust CEDAJ Nigeria for reliability and excellence.

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